How it works


Step 1:

Apply and Upload Files


Step 2:

Pay thru our merchants


Step 3:

Wait for the approval

Who can avail of the service/purpose

Franchise Verification

Any person who intends to check the details and status of a franchise

Special Permit

Any holder of CPC who intends to request for permission to make trips outside of the authorized route for purposes of excursions, educational trip, outings, retreat, or the like.


CPC holders who intend to apply for a single case number assignment (consolidated cases) of their CPC’s having identical or parallel routes or common area of operation per franchise.

Extension of Validity

CPC holder who intends to extend the validity of their expiring or expired CPC. Operators can already apply for this service one year prior to expiration of their CPC.

Confirmation of Units

Any holder of CPC who intends to have the authorized unit confirmed for the annual registration with the Land Transportation Office.

Provisional Authority

A provisional remedy to any person who intends to operate their unit/s while their franchise applications are pending with the agency.

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